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Palestinian Arabs: A made up Socialist tool, created to strain Israel American Relations. Palestine Socialist Lie Truth about Israel .

Updated: Mar 17

Israel Palestine Socialist Lie Truth about Israel

The Observant Ultra Orthodox JEW: A White Blessing Painted Black

Basic research confirms that the Anti Zionist is just anti Jews this hate seems as old as the flower mill, but what lies under the surface? How can lies like the "Palestinians" keep going artificially for so long? and create so much misery for israel, America, and all those who love g-d his Torah and his People?

Islam: Jealousy of Hate, not only for land - But to end the Israel/Jewish line - so he is the only inheritor of The Blessings of Abraham.

an important and famous Egyptian cleric *publicly declared that the war against the Jews is irrelevant to Palestine propaganda: “If the Jews left Palestine to us, would we start loving them? Of course not.

We will never love them…we must believe that our war against the Jews is eternal.

And it will not end until the final battle. You must believe that we will fight, defeat and annihilate them, until not a single Jew remains in the face of the earth.”

A very important cleric from Qatar publicly preaches the following: “We do not treat Jews as our enemies because of any occupied territory or because their entire presence is taking up space in our Arab and Islamic world. We will treat the Jews as our enemies, even if they leave this area to us. The reason is that the Jews are infidels.”

Al Aqsa TV broadcasts prayers for the extermination of all Jews, in all places. Many members of the Palestinian Sharia (Islamic religious law) Ruling Council promote their legal conclusions “…that all Jews are liars (Left, Right, etc.). They must be butchered and they must be killed.”

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To Jews, secular and religious Zionism is used to describe the search, hope and prayer for a community bound together by a common and religious cultural heritage.

To live, grow and to have peace with their neighbors, free from persecution, are the goals. This does not contradict anything in the Koran proper. As is well documented, The Koran agrees that Allah gave the holy land to the Jews for all time.

We feel it is essential to show Muslims an interpretation of the Koran that is tolerant and inclusive. In all fields of endeavor, the world strives for truth. The foundations of all science and studies need to be based on truth.

In other words, math needs to have true axioms. So why is that not true for Israeli/Arab conflicts?

Why should we swallow outright lies and then capitulate to these lies, as the governments of Israel seem to have been forced to do?

Tremendous unnecessary international pressure, and fantastic amounts of investment capital and military aid based on the Israeli government’s groveling, has resulted in the dangerous situation we now face.

Palestine Crisis: the longest standing lie in modern history.

There is no such thing in history, from the time of creation until this every day, of an actual state called “Palestine.”

The Romans slaughtered the Jews. They put down many Jewish rebellions against Roman brutality.

Even though the Romans won the battle, the Jewish people won the war, especially visible in the culture today.

As we see today, Rome adopted Christianity, which truly is a "made in China" version of Judaism, a self help attempt to upgrade from the pagan idol worship.

they read the torah, await a savior, have a Jewish leader which they look up to, to tell them to treat each other with respect.

But so long trinity is involved and the worship of man as g-d they are stuck from truly attaining any form of enlightenment, try as they may, to make it separate from the source, their Jewish brothers. To "copyright" it as their own...

The wise amongst the Nations run back again and again to the source = the torah, and it's scholars = the Ultra Orthodox Jewish people, because even after hundreds of years, the basics of don't murder, don't steal and family purity, seems so far from their reach.

they run back to the Jews and beg "how to you do it? How can we build a healthy society?"

and the Jews always answer "you got to go all the way back to dad, to g-d, to hashem, and stop looking for short cuts" at the end everyone will want only to know Hashem and those who work hard will succeed.

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Back to our history, The rebellions Jews inspired other oppressed nations to rebel, like the Parthians.

After the destruction of the Second Temple, the Jews rose up against the oppressive Roman murderers. They lost.

The Romans took the name Palestine, which represented the ancient people-the Philistines, who had already disappeared from history.

Why? Because they had been the enemies of Israel.

The Romans felt it would humiliate the Jews to have the whole country named after their ancient enemy, Palestine, a people already removed from history.

statehood had never been declared or made official by any group. These lost groups of people migrated and assimilated into other nations, losing their previous identity, becoming extinct.

Now here’s a modern-day understanding of the above:

In the 1930s, the British invited a

representation of the ethnic groups under their mandate.

It was called the Peel


The Jews were pronounced by the British, the “Palestinians.” Palestine was

the official, secular name given to the Holy Land, Israel.

The Arab representatives, with

anger and force, screamed: “Don’t you dare call us Palestinians. That’s the name the Romans gave the land to humiliate the Jews. It has nothing to do with us. It is not in Arabic, it is Latin.”

Its function was to show the Jews that they lost their country.

The Arabs felt that they had an identity, an honorable identity, as Arab Muslims, not Palestinians.

One of the reasons the British called for the Peel Commission was to appease Arab oil and investment-capital interests.

The Peel Commission offered the Arabs a state alongside a Jewish state.

perhaps as an appeasement to the Arab oil dictators.

However, the Arabs adamantly rejected dividing the land with the Jewish “infidels,” involving the 20% that was left.

A blast from the past: we want to remind you, dear reader, with the fall of the Ottoman Empire, at the end of WWI, the British and the French carved out 23 Arab states.


Charter of the United Nations obligate them to honor all the decisions made by the League of Nations. Therefore, technically, there was never a need to vote for the creation of the State of Israel in 1947.

It had already been decided on by The League of Nations.

The British Mandate of Palestine (present day Israel) included both sides of the Jordan River.

But the British betrayed the League of Nations’ mandate. Instead of turning it into a

Jewish homeland, they got sidetracked, appeasing Arab oil interests. In Saudi Arabia, there was a war going on between two powerful families.

Saudi Arabia existed as a state and a kingdom in history. There was no other indigenous Arab nation between Saudi Arabia and the Mediterranean. The British Mandate Commander stepped forward with a solution for the Saudi Arabian, feuding families. I bet that you will recognize the commander’s name, even though it was 90 years ago.

Colonel Winston Churchill gave one of the feuding families approximately 80% of British Mandate Palestine territory, that had already been promised to the Jews. Plus 5,000 pounds sterling a month, supplies and some weapons, creating the Hashemite Jordanian Kingdom of Palestine.

Therefore, Jordan is Arab Palestine! The Jews received approximately 20% of the original British Mandate, Palestine, when they should have received the originally proposed 100%.

The Arab, Muslim world ended up receiving approximately 80% of the Jewish Mandate Palestine that was intended for a Jewish homeland.

By the way, there never was a state of

Jordan. Jordan was only a river.

Trans Jordan/Palestine became “Hashemite Kingdom/Trans Jordan in 1946.

King Abdullah asked for membership in the UN. It was vetoed by the Soviet Union because it was not fully independent from Britain.

There was a serious legal problem. The Anglo-American Palestine Mandate Convention sought to stop any British movement to end the mandate without Jews getting a state of their own.

The original purpose of the British Mandate, operating under The League of Nations, was to establish a Jewish national home.

In brief, no territory could be taken away from the Mandate before there was a Jewish State, and not until the establishment of a Jewish State.

The original Mandate of Palestine included the land east of

the Jordan River.

Nothing could be given away until the Jews would be given their state, a

mere 1% of the Ottoman Turk Empire.

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The UN General Assembly at that time suggested

that a major part of Trans Jordan’s territory should be part of the upcoming Jewish State.

For example, the US Secretary of State, James Byrnes, insisted that no entity could get membership in the UN unless the Jews would get their well-deserved territory.

Any other recognition of Jordan’s statehood would be premature.

In other words, the League of Nations (including Britain) totally recognized present-day Israel, including the east side of the Jordan River, as a homeland for the Jews.

At that time, the British and the French also created 23 Arab/Muslim countries, consisting of five million square miles,

as opposed to less than 200,000 square miles for the comparable tiny Jewish state.

Yet, today’s US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, totally reversed America’s position about the legality of Jews living in Judea and Samaria.

By the way, Anthony Blinken is a statesman par excellence, with a lot of heart.

We’ve just explained that this entire small area was designated for the Jewish State.

The following US position was declared in 2019 by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: “The establishment of Israeli civilian settlements in the West Bank is not per se inconsistent with international law.”

Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright also pointed out that “..building beyond the Green Line is legal” on the

NBC Today Show on October 1, 1997.

Spokesman James Rubin declared in 1997.

President Ronald Regan, in 1981, after much research, said that settlements were “..not illegal.”

Let’s jump back in history for a moment and remember that three US presidents all

approved of the Balfour Declaration, the San Remo Conference and the League of Nations decision.

US President Woodrow Wilson affirmed: “Palestine should become a Jewish

State.” This was approved by the House of Representatives and the Senate.

On December 3rd, 1924, Great Britain and the US agreed that the Jewish Peoples’ national home should be created in Palestine.

Article 25 and article 6 of the British Mandate guaranteed that Jews had the right to settlement over the land and should be “facilitated and encouraged.”

Back then, not a single Arab thought of themselves as a Palestinian but rather as “southern Syrians” or regular Arab Muslims. Their representatives insisted: “There should be no separation of the southern part of Lebanon, i.e., the British Mandate Palestine Territory from the Syrian country.”

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Islam: Palestine A territory of Holy War - Until Sharia is installed.

Abu-Mazen and Arafat said many times that they were not fighting to make a Palestinian state for themselves but rather to claim more Arab Muslim land for all Muslims.

For example, on November 18, 1978, Yasser Arafat (known as Abu Amar by Arabs) said that: “Palestine is southern Syria, and Syria is northern Palestine.”

The Russians Enter the Picture:

The Soviet Union (Socialists) got involved in winning Arab friendship, creating an artificial underdog (the myth of Palestinian identity) that could be used as a stick to beat Israel’s allies.

Before the Soviet involvement, the Jews were considered as “Palestinians” by the Arabs and the UN.

The Arabs had rejected the Roman-Latin name of “Palestine” placed over all the land of Israel.

So, as we mentioned before, In 132 to 135 CE, the Romans defeated the Jews, renaming all the land of Israel “Palestine.” They took the name of a former enemy of the Jews.

The Romans wanted to humiliate the Jews and therefore named the entire country “Palestine.”

The Philistines, actually came from the islands of Crete in the west, near Greece, not from Arab areas.

The Arabs rejected the name of Palestine, feeling it was not relevant to them.

In fact, the Arabs don’t pronounce the letter P at all in Arabic. They would have to say “Balestine,” with a B. This shows clearly that the very word Palestine has been used artificially to create a false identity.

And who orchestrated this new identity? The (Socialist) Soviet Union, not Arabs.

The Arab oil countries then got on board, using their Petro dollars to reinforce this fake, underdog narrative of “Palestine.”

The international community has been propagandized forcefully on an ongoing basis to accept the lie that Israel and Jews have stolen another people’s country.

How can Israel be called illegal occupiers of its own land, the land of Israel?

Historically, after the British and the French had created 23 Arab-Muslim countries, some Arab clerics believed there was room for the Jews to also have a country.

A small pamphlet was written by the Arab clerics in 1919, proclaiming that there is nothing in the Koran against the Jews having a state for themselves.

It was perfectly justifiable for British Mandate Palestine to become the Jewish State.

Professor Suliman Bashir of Nuseibeh, expanded this pamphlet into a booklet affirming that Jews have a right to statehood.

As we said, What was promised for a Jewish homeland was actually only 1% of the entire Ottoman Turk Empire.

The Muslim clerics at that time did not see a problem with the Jews having this tiny

piece of land as For 400 years the Ottoman Turks had ruled over the entire Middle East.

The Arab Muslim world was happy. The Sultan (king), in the minds of the Sunni Muslims, represented the Muslim caliphate (absolute authority over Islam).

It would be comparable to the pope having absolute authority over the Catholic church.

In the entire history of Ottoman rule over 600 years, 400 of those included what became modern-day Israel. At that time, there were no indigenous Arabs that rose up to demand a Palestinian identity.

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When did this myth of a Palestinian identity evolve? How did this big, murderous lie happen?

Fast forward to 1947 when the UN wanted to petition for the remaining 20% promised to Jews, instead, to be broken up into both Israel and yet another Arab Muslim state.

There was no reality or identity of a “Palestine.” The Arabs totally rejected the name “Palestine,” seeing it as a Roman, pagan idea.

What was the reaction of the Arab Muslim states to this UN proposal?

They united to declare annihilation to the Jews, to drive them “…into the sea” after their soldiers raped, sodomized, murdered and robbed the Jewish nation (sounds familiar yet?).

The USSR During the Cold War. Noticing the friction between the Arabs and Israel, they sought to demonize Israel, a US ally as part of the smaller interest proxy wars of the Larger American-Russia cold war.

They poured money and weapons into the Arab states, to persuade them to join the Soviet bloc in waging the Cold War against the United States.

The sophisticated Russians spotted a major flaw in the Arab rhetoric against Israel.

To the Arab-Muslim mind, the land of Israel is greater Syria, Greater Egypt, or Greater Jordan.

The Soviets, far wiser than the Arabs in geo-political thinking, came up with the bright idea that you can’t present the Arab position to the world and gain any sympathy.

The Soviet Union (Socialists) explained to the Arabs that public relations demand an underdog. What is that underdog in the Israeli-Arab conflict?

The Soviets wanted to examine their facts. The Arab armies told

their own people living in what was to become Israel, TO LEAVE, taking their belongings and fleeing before Arab armies came in to annihilate the Jews.

The Arab military leadership promised that that the fleeing Arabs could return later to claim the “spoils of war.” Oops!

The invading Arab armies were defeated by the fledgling Jewish militia.

Miraculously, the Jews won.

The Russians ordered the surrounding Arab countries not to absorb these Arab refugees! (this policy is being upheld today as is clear at the border of Egypt now!). Instead, they would be kept in a permanent status of “refugee,” a stateless people.

This would become the required underdog and the “stick” used to beat Israel’s western allies.

Even though the Soviets knew that 850,000 Jews were driven out of Arab countries, they wouldn’t count them as underdogs, as part of Israel’s public relations (are you starting to see how the plot thickens?).

While The Russians explained the Arabs how to stab their brethren in the back turning them into refuges with no hope = "humans without rights" and a political tool,

The Israeli society, despite being poor, would run the extra mile to absorb their own Jewish refugees into their new country and new struggling economy.

The Soviets continued to insist that the oil-rich Arab states were not to absorb their own refugees that they created as a result of their war with Israel (you can trust the Russians to act sharp, wise, cruel and cold, Stalin was a great terrible teacher).

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The Russians promised that they would create an identity for the Arab refugees.

It was to be used as a weapon against the fledgling Israeli state.

The Russians told the Arab states that the refugees would be called “Palestinians,” in the quest to win international support for their anti-Israel position.

Now they needed to create an organization that would represent

their PR initiative. In 1964, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was born. Arafat and Abu Mazen emerged from that.

Another crucial point is that the UN definition of a refugee extends only to the first generation. There was no such thing set up for an ongoing refugee status.

But because of Arab wealth and oil, the UN made an exception for the status of an Arab refugee in the Israeli conflict.

However, that did not apply to other nations. All UN refugee projects had as their goal, to integrate refugees into a host of countries.

And since WWI, they succeeded in finding homes for 100 million refugees.

The Muslim world has about 56 countries and 1.6 billion people.

The Arab-Muslim world has 5 million square miles of land.

The Jewish state has less than 200,000 square miles of


At that time, the Arab had 300 million Arabs.

The Jews only had such a tiny strip of land that on a globe or map, the name of Israel had to be printed out onto the Mediterranean Sea.

Yet, the Israelis absorbed those 850,000 Jews driven out of Arab countries.

Despite gigantic Arab land mass and wealth, the entire Arab-Muslim world

refused to absorb their 620,000 refugees.

Instead, they wanted to use them as a

propaganda piece against Israel.

This also explains why specifically western countries have all the Palestinians, as they continue only be accepted in places that are not Arab per say, thus they unknowingly turn into the very function the Socialists intended them to be, a strain on the Israel American alliance. It's a shame more Arabs in Israel don't understand how much of a tool they are!

It is crucial to understand that the State of Jordan, the Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine, automatically extended citizenship to all those Arab refugees. Eventually, with Petro dollars buying nations off, funding this artificial identity of “displaced Palestinian people,” in the eyes of the wicked it seemed that the stage was set for crushing Israel.

"In every generation, there are those who try to annihilate Israel. But the Holy One saves Israel from their hands".

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* sources and factual material in relation to the extent of antisemitism Israel is experiencing today.

This Article Has Been Written by Sanhedrin Advisor Rabbi Avi Feld.

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Lightly Edited And Published By Lead Sanhedrin Advisor Rabbi Yosef Edery.

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the Israel situation with the war has made it important to discuss the Palestine origins and the Socialist involvement in spinning the greatest bloodiest Lie in modern history, we hope as we stripped the lies away in this article what was left was the Truth about Israel.

P. S. We know that some of our Arab readers want to see the top ten reasons why h

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