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how Armies & families are made - and what's best for you.

some might have a army that treats them like family, or a family built like an army ;) but let's "split the egg whites" and see 2 of the greatest occurrences in the world and see which of them is best for a human to join today.

In the Torah, we see a truly careful chronicle of births and deaths with great care and precision, truly many of the wars goin on today can be traced back thousands of years and similarly can be resolved in this way as well. notably Eisav, father of Edom, Rome. Which is the greatest warrior in the world, and Yaakov, Israel head of the 12 tribes and a family man with a legacy that continues today.

Most striking in the Torah, is the orderliness and holiness of a family would be the story of the Hebrews, later Israel and what is commonly known today - the Jewish people.

stories like the one of Shimon and Levi - killing every man in the city of Shechem because the leader of this city violated their sister is a proper example of the no-nonsense policy and tradition of the Jewish people.

another moment is when The non Jewish Prophet Bilam comes to curse the Jews, he ends up blessing them - specifically "the tents of Jacob" for their morality in comparison to the nations.

now lets take a moment to look at a family structure - father mother and children. this is the ideal family that all mankind should look forward to being part of according to Jewish tradition.

now, enter the Army, you might ask me, why am i staking the army vs. the family? what is the correlation? or what is the connection? are they not different concepts that can coexist?

ill try to answer these questions.

1st, a child of a proper family, with parents and grandparents who are economically emotionally and intellectually supportive and involved in the children and grandchildren, will usually not enroll or allow their children to join any army no matter what, why? because the family unit wants the best for the child and the best for the child is to live and not die.

on the other hand, a child of a broken family, or more so a child which is not sure of who his parents are, is more likely to "take the risk" to join the army, hoping to work hard fast, survive and get the benefits for later where he will be able to get a edge over other citizens in politics or other roles...

in the torah we see Eisav the brother of Yaakov basically created the "Mamzer Club" a huge cesspool of sin produced by the trail of Eisav, Eisav is the father of Rome, but also wasted no time marring the daughter of Ishmael - amongst countless other escapades... which resulted in a competition between all his Basterds for the kingdom once Eisav Died, and so it was, each time a king dies, the strongest bastard that can muster the biggest army wins the others fighting for the kingdom...

this goes on for 7 generations with no mention of a "queen" as the mother was no relevant or known, and it did not occur to the kids of Eisav that it was of any importance, only 7 generations later do we hear of the female to the king, and at this point it seems it's just a political thing at best... but that all the traditions of the Bastard Club have not changed much...

True Royalty is only found in 2 family trees in the world, the Jewish Davidic Lines as well as the lines of the Children of Israel in General, Specifically those who are Ultra Orthodox Jews which still hold family purity. and some Muslim Families as well grand Children Of Ishmael.

The Rest of The World is Just "The Club" for the most part - lost souls who have no clue who they are, easy pickings for the local war lord to convince them to fight for them, in exchange for some kind of Identity, only to drag them into a "Army" of sorts for temporary feelings of grandeur with not much substance or meaning, leaving the soul confused and alone.

this explains why it's always all the nations against the Jews - that's because the Jews are in the international "Club"...

is every person in the world capable of having a traditional family? no. but at the same time, is it important that the Jews lead by example and set a certain bar that mankind should aspire to? absolutely yes.

in the middle east today in the Arab world it is quite common for a "family" sometimes known as a "Chamola" which can be a few families which merge, to be a powerful force in a certain area, this would be an example of a family expanding in a area with children and grand-children all working getting married starting businesses together and creating a support system of governance stronger and more real then the government they "fall under".

so, will you build a family? or join a club?

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